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Who Are We?

We started our activities as a project company providing engineering services in the 2000s. We continue our activities as a system integrator that has proven itself throughout the country with a structure that constantly improves itself in parallel with the developing technology.



The most important mission of ARMOLI; To provide technological solutions that increase productivity in business life by saving usage and time.


The most important cost advantage offered by ARMOLI is that it produces integrated solutions and enables its customers to access these services directly.

Quality Policy

ARMOLI system aims to be the most preferred company in the vehicle tracking sector as well as in other sectors in which it operates by combining the most affordable vehicle tracking system with the highest quality service.


Would you like to review our solutions that will make your life easier?

Temperature Sensor

It allows to measure the ambient temperature with maximum accuracy, both wired and wireless, long-lasting and durable..

Wireless Communication

We can wirelessly transfer any device from which we can obtain information, such as magnetic contacts, heat sensors, custom-made sensors, to our telemetry devices.

OBD Solutions

We can read and send instantly all the data read over the Can-Bus line on the vehicles.

Fuel Safety

Combine Can-Bus reading with Kaan Tank Caps, which have been offered for years and have proven themselves in this industry, to save up to 60% on fuel expenses.

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